Tesla Model S vs X - Comparison of Them

Model X and Model S the popular models of Tesla both have efficient performance and advanced features. In this article, we’ll have a look at a comparison of the Tesla Model X vs Model S in terms of their performance, battery, price, etc.

  1. The acceleration of Model S is faster than that of Model X.
  2. The Model X is more costly than the Model S.
  3. The Model X has more seats than the Model S.
Key Points


The Tesla Model S is Tesla’s second vehicle whereas Tesla Model X is Tesla’s third vehicle after the Tesla Model S. Both vehicles are electric and have impressive range and performance. Both models played an important role in Tesla’s success in the electric vehicle market.

Released Date

Tesla Model S was introduced in 2012 and Tesla Model X in 2015.


The price of the Tesla Model S is $89,000 and Tesla Model X is $99,990.


  • Acceleration: The Model X has a 3.8s (0-60 mph) acceleration, while the Model S has a 3.1s (0-60 mph) acceleration.
  • Speed: Model X has a speed of 155mph and Model S has a speed of 149mph.
  • Range: The Model X has a range of 348 miles, while the Model S has a range of 405 miles.
  • Power: Both models have a total power of 504 kW (685 PS).
  • Drive: All wheels are driven.


  • Battery Type: Both models use a lithium-ion battery.
  • Charging Power: Both have charging power of 11 kW AC
  • Charging Port: Both have Type 2 charge ports located on the left side rear.
  • Fast Charging: Both models have a fast charge port located on the left side rear.

Dimensions and Weight

  • Length: The Model X has a length of 5057 mm compared to 5021 mm for the Model S.
  • Width: The Model X has a width of 1999 mm compared to 1987 mm for the Model S.
  • Height: The Model X has a height of 1680 mm compared to 1431 mm for the Model S.
  • Wheelbase: Both have the same wheelbase of 2965 mm.


  • Seats: The Model X has 7 seats compared to 5 seats in the Model S.
  • Platform: Both use the TESLA S/X platform.
  • Car Body: The Model X has an SUV body style compared to the sedan body style in the Model S.
  • Colors: Tesla Model S has 5 colors red, pearl white, deep blue metallic, solid black, and silver metallic compared to the 5 colors in Tesla Model X which are blue metallic, grey metallic, solid black, pearl white, and red.

Top Tesla Model X Features

Automatic WindowsWindows can be automatically opened and close.
Falcon Wing DoorsDoors can be lifted upwards and outwards direction.
Using your phone as a keyThe mobile phone can be used to lock or unlock the car.
Auto ShiftingAutomatically gears changing.
Automatic DrivingThe car can be driven automatically.

Top Tesla Model S Features

Phone as KeySmartphone as a key for the car.
Full Self-DrivingAn advanced system for the car to drive itself.
Lowest Drag CoefficientFor minimal wind resistance.
Tilting ScreenTouchscreen display that can be tilted.

Tesla Model S and Model X Similarities

SimilaritiesTesla Model STesla Model X

Tesla Model S and Model X Difference

DifferencesTesla Model STesla Model X
Body StyleSedanSUV
SeatingUp to 5Up to 7
Falcon Wing DoorsNot AvailableAvailable


How to Lock Tesla Model S

It can be locked using the touchscreen inside it or by mobile phone.

How to Open Tesla Model X Door from Outside

It can be opened by pressing the door handle or if we double press the door button on the key fob.


Both the Tesla Model S and Model X are electric vehicles offering efficient performance and advanced features such as auto driving, autopilot, etc but the choice between both of them will depend on one’s needs.

By Ammar Javed

Ammar Javed is a content writer at WhatSpecification.

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