Compare Vehicle Cost of Ownership Calculator

Electric Vehicle & Non-Electric Vehicle Total Cost of Ownership Calculator

Vehicle 1Vehicle 2

How to Use this Tool

  1. Enter all the values for both of the vehicles.
  2. You can also select the currency as per your requirements
  3. Then click on the “Calculate Total Cost of Ownership” button to get the total cost of ownership for both vehicles.

7 Reasons Why You Use This Tool

  1. To plan a budget before purchasing a vehicle.
  2. To analyze if you can afford the cost of ownership.
  3. To compare the total cost of ownership of different vehicles.
  4. To know the true cost of owning a vehicle.
  5. To reduce your vehicle expenses.
  6. To predict the future expense of the vehicle.
  7. To decide how long you should keep your vehicle.


What vehicles can I use this tool to compare the cost of ownership?

You can use it for all vehicle types.

Are all vehicle costs included in this tool?

This tool includes vehicle cost, fuel efficiency, insurance cost, maintenance cost, depreciation rate, and tax cost but the other costs such as tools, parking fees, etc are not included. It’s important that you consider all other costs when calculating vehicle ownership costs.

Has this tool accurate for all vehicles?

The results may change depending on location, etc however this tool calculates based on the values entered by the people in the input field and it cannot analyze every single situation.

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